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    2023-24 School Year

    It is the student's responsibility to check my Google Classroom Page for daily/weekly updates/announcements/documents.

    Google Classroom class codes for 2nd Semester 23-24

    period 1     ffvgsvd

    period 2     iss723z

    period 3     r5rsc5w

    period 4     gvmoltf

    period 5     jg6lb3k

    period 6     wi6si5x

     Welcome to Mrs. Ojinaga's Physical Education Class page. Each student will be expected to visit this page and read the information regarding all areas: attendance, class behavior, activity, curriculum, mile run point totals, District and State P.E. standards. Student signature, parent's signature, and return the last page of the class expectation document in person (no digital copies will be accepted).  Students will be given a hard copy in class to sign and return. Students are also responsible for signing and returning the swim unit guideline paper BEFORE the swim unit begins the week of April 15. NEW STUDENTS 2nd semester, you must sign a class expectation sheet in order to receive daily points.  If new to P.E. second semester, you will be required to turn in this document.

    • Here on Mrs. Ojinaga's classroom website, there are various groups that will need to visit this page, so make sure to select the proper class period, team, or subject area when accessing the page for information.
    • We will begin to dress out in P.E.clothes A.S.A.P.  We will swim starting the week of April 15. Updates as far as swimwear have been posted in google classroom.  Class rules: NO HOODS<NO HATS<NO ELECTRONICS<NO GUM, failure to comply = zero points for the day. After dressing first in P.E. clothes (entering into the locker room on the north side of the building), you will exit out the same door onto the outdoor basketball blacktop, south of the new Science building. All P.E. classes will meet on the blacktop/outdoor basketball court and be assigned a roll call number.  All students are encouraged to use the restrooms located in front of the boys' and girls' locker rooms BEFORE class begins.  The teacher clears the locker room 5–6 minutes to dress, then exit to numbers, approx. 8 min. Once the teacher is at the front of the class, all students should be at their assigned number, or they are marked tardy. (-2)
    • There will only be 3 make-up swimming days and approximately only 10-15 actual swimming days for the unit.  So, it is vital that your child chooses wisely on which days to miss.  If they are attending school, they should be swimming.  After the verbal lesson each day, we actually are in the water 15–20 minutes each day.  If they are menstruating, there are only 3 days of make-up, so they should be swimming on lighter days. Students are required to dress in P.E. clothes if not swimming.  A parent/doctor note must be written for each day missed.  If a student misses more than 3 days of swimming, he/she will be required to complete the 14-page swim report in order to pass the State Mandated swim unit.  This report will be due at the end of the swimming unit or May 15, 2024, whichever comes first.  Our department plan is to run on Mondays, and swim on 3 of the 4 days left in the week.  The swim report guidelines will be posted in Google Classroom as we get closer to the unit.
    • I am committed to responding to all parents' emails within 48 hours on weekdays.  This is the best way to contact any of the P.E. teachers.
    • Contact information 
      • Email: paulette_ojinaga@chino.k12.ca.us
    • 2023-24 P.E. 9 Syallabus
      • Mondays will be when new assignments/activities/prompts will be given. Weekly schedule: Monday/Mile run 30 points possible, Tuesday/Unit activity 5 points, Wednesday/ Fitness Day 15 points possible, Thursday/Unit activity 5 points, and Friday/Unit activity 5 points.  Try not to be absent on Mondays or Wednesday, as each day is worth more points.  When absent, complete the P.E. make-up form.  You have 3 days to turn in the make-up report after the absence has occurred.  Absence must be cleared through the attendance office as excused in order to be made up.
    • Grading Information
      • All grades will continue to be communicated through Aeries.  Make sure you have access to Aries, so you can check your current grade.  I try to update grades weekly.
      • Grades will be determined by any of the following assignments; class participation, signed documents for class expectation and swim unit guidelines, make-up reports and any unit quizzes and tests. 
      • Full credit on Summary reports (department P.E.make-up reports) must be written in your own words (no plagiarism), and completely filled out (150 words or more). Follow all instructions for full credit.  Attach the article to your report or website /URL that you used. Hard copies are available from any PE teacher, or in each locker room office.
      • MILE RUN POINTS (30) possible, if a student has a difficult time jogging at 14:00 (14), the department suggests that the student run again on each Friday, to double the pt. value.  Example, 14 pts. /Monday, 14 pts./ make up Friday=28 pts.  The objective is for each student to better their score and fitness endurance.  More participation= better physical fitness.
    • Class Access Information
      • A REMIND classroom code will be coming for each period.  Make sure to only use your Ayala student email ending in @stu.chino.k12.ca.us
      • If you have difficulties, email me A.S.A.P.
      • Parents and students-Please check my Google stream page for the most up-to-date information for all classes.



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