• HW 10/15 Vocabulario 1B en el cuaderno

    Enter #16 in your cuaderno Vocabulario 1B A ver si recuerdas pg 42 in the textbook & 
    #17 Vocabulario 1B pg 68 in the textbook

    To find page 68, go to www.phschool.com, click the blue course content button.

    Click World Languages, click Textbook Companion Sites, click Realidades (the word, not the book), click Level 2 (the word, not the book), then click Repaso del capítulo under Capítulo 1B

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  • HW 10/11 Online jdd 0107 Test Preparation

    Due 10/14

    Students complete a 20 question test preparation activity online to prepare for chapter 1A test.  Scores provided when submitted online.

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  • HW 10/10 Chp 1A Review, Crossword and Organizer

    Due 10/11

    Workbook pages 14 & 15., Crossword and Organizer.

    Find workbook pages under the WORKBOOK tab

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  • HW 10/8 Work on group project of Las Reglas de la clase

    Due 10/10
    Work on group project tonight and bring your materials to work with your partner tomorrow.
    You will be given time in class tomorrow to work on the poster or to create your video.

    See the attached instructions for the project.

    Study cuaderno  #8-15! The Chp1A test is coming!

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  • HW 10/7 Vocabulary Practice Workbook pages 7-9

    Due 10/8

    Go to the WORKBOOK tab on the website and print out the workbook pages to practice the vocabulary.

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  • HW 10/3 Workbook pgs 12 & 13. Study for quiz on poem,

    Due 10/4

    Complete workbook pages 12 and 13 on Affirmative and Negative words.  

    Be sure to memorize the poem for tomorrow!

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  • HW 10/2 Cultivo una rosa blanca...

    Due 10/3

    Copy the poem by José Martí, Versos sencillos, 5 times.
    Be sure to memorize by Friday!
    Cultivo una rosa blanca...
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  • HW 10/1 Stem-Changing Verbs

    Due 10/2
    Stem-changing verbs p 28 Activity 16. Using the 6 subjects, combine with a stem-changing verb and an expression to create logical sentences.  You may have to add words to make the sentences logical.

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  • HW 9/30 Stem Changing Verbs

    Due 10/1

    Copy the information on Stem-changing verbs from the textbook pg.27 into #13 of your cuaderno.  Then complete workbook page 11.

    Workbook pages are located under the WORKBOOK tab.

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  • HW 9/25 Finish p23 Activity 5 and Mi horario mini-project due Thursday 9/26

    Mi horario Mini-Project due Thursday, 9/26
    Fold a paper into 6 sections.  Write/type the information in landscape orientation.  You will be describing six of your classes.
    1) First, write a sentence in Spanish to say what class you have during each period.
    2) Next, use the vocabulary to write a sentence in Spanish using tener que to tell what you have to do in that class.
    3) Then, draw a pic (or use clipart) to show what you have to do.
    4) Finally, write a sentence in Spanish using a conjugated verb to say what you do in the class.
    En la primera hora (or... el primer periódo) tengo la danza en la clase de educación física.
    En la clase de danza, tengo que bailar y escribir informes sobre la danza.          
                                  la clase de bailar
    Yo bailo en la clase de danza   
     **Your work will be graded on completion of the assignment, correctness of the grammar/vocabulary, and visual appeal.
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