• HW 12/9 Download and print the Final Exam Prompts.

    HW 12/9
    Download and print the Final Exam Prompts. Fill out the three dates for your oral, written and multiple choice exams.

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  • HW 12/6 Workbook p 35 Practice with Long Possessive Adjectives

    Due 12/9
    Workbook p 35
    Practice with Long Possessive Adjectives

    Remember that the adjective must agree with the noun in number and in gender...NOT the person who owns the object.

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  • HW 12/5 Workbook page 34 Practice with SER and ESTAR

    Due 12/6

    Complete the sentences using the correctly conjugated form of SER or ESTAR

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  • HW 12/4 Reflexive Verb Crossword Puzzle

    Due 12/5

    Complete the crossword puzzle attached using reflexive verbs.


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  • HW 12/3 Vocabulary 2A Practice

    Due 12/4
    Vocabulary practice Workbook pgs 30-33

    Quizlet 2A

    Copy the above link in a new tab

    Study for Vocab Quiz!!!

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  • HW 11/21 Finish Mi rutina diaria project and watch video on gratitude

    Due Friday 11/22

    You were given time in class to work on your project.  Now finish it and turn it in tomorrow.

    Preview the video on gratitude for tomorrow by clicking the link below.  Copy and paste the link to a new tab if it doesn't work for you:


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  • HW 11/19 Project 2A - Mi rutina diaria

    Due Fri 11/22

    My Daily Routine 

    • Write 8 sentences to talk about your daily routine. Some sentences may have reflexive verbs, and some may not.
    • Use reflexive verbs to say what you do to or for yourself.  Be careful! Are all of your daily routines reflexive actions?
    • Use the colorful pictures (drawings or clipart) you brought to class to illustrate your project.
    • Say what time of day each action happens, or say you do it later, or before or after another action.
    • Use at least 3 different subjects and conjugate appropriately.     For example:

    - yo

    - mis padres

    - nosotros (mi familia y yo)

    • Use the word slowly at least once in the project.
    • Use the word quickly at least once in the project.
    • Use transition words like

    Primero... = First...

    Luego... = Then...                                

    Entonces... = Then...

    Después... = Later...     

    • Use before (Antes de + infinitive) at least once in the project.
    • Use after (Después de + infinitive) at least once in the project.

    (Remember that después means later and requires a conjugation after it,

    while después de is a preposition which means after and requires an infinitive after it)


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  • HW 11/18 Darth Vader Reflexive Sentences

    Due 11/19

    Watch the Darth Vader Reflexive  Verbs video on YouTube


    Follow instructions and write the 25 sentences at the end of the video.  Remember, some of them are reflexive, some are not.  Be sure to conjugate! Watch the placement of pronouns!!

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  • HW 11/15 Reflexive Sentences

    Due 11/18

    Write 5 sentences to talk about your daily routines using the Reflexive Verbs from Vocabulary 2A p96.

    Read your notes (#26 en el cuaderno, p80 in the textbook).  Conjugate your verbs and use the correct pronoun in front of the conjugated verb to make the verbs reflexive.

    Get pictures (illustrations, drawings or clip art) that match your actions.  These pictures can be printed/drawn on the same paper, or on a separate piece of paper.

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  • HW 11/13 Wkbk pgs 27-28 and Study for Body Parts Quiz!

    Due 11/14
    Workbook pgs 27-28
    Study for body parts quiz tomorrow using #23 and #25 from the cuaderno!

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