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    If you have questions during the week, please email me.  I may not get to you right away, but I will do my best to answer within 48 hours.

    Click HERE for the syllabus 

    When will students submit their work?

    Lessons and Assignments for the week will be posted on Google Classroom.  Check each assignment for the due date.  Usually, the assignment will be due at midnight if it is Classwork, and by 8:30am the next day if it is Homework.  Students should be sure to use their school Google account, not their personal Google account. 


    How will students submit their work on Google Classroom? Click HERE         

    • Assessments will be given on Google Classroom. Notification of assessments will be given in class, on Google Classroom, and Aeries communication (Parent Square).
    • Grades will be communicated to students and parents via Aeries
    • Feedback will be communicated via Google Classroom and Aeries Comments.
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