• **Pick a way to receive REMIND messages for Spanish 2:

    • If you have a smartphone, get push notifications.

    On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to the following link: rmd.at/harmonspn2

    Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind. You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.  

    • If you don’t have a smartphone, get text notifications. Text the message @harmonspn2 to the number 81010.

    If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @harmonspn2 to (714) 701-6382.  * Standard text message rates apply. 

    •  Don’t have a mobile phone? Go to rmd.at/harmonspn2 on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications.


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  • **Use quizlet.com to make flashcards and study for quizzes and tests.
    Use the quizlet.com  website to create vocabulary flashcards (fichas).  Type sraharmon (no spaces, no periods) in the search bar to access vocabulary sets. Find the chapter you need and click the print button.  Choose the med or large option to print your fichas.  If you manually feed the vocab into your printer to print on the other side, you will have two sets of fichas you can share with a study buddy.
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  • **Use the phschool.com textbook website to complete jdd activities.
    The platform is quite old, so your computer may warn you it is an unsecured site.  Please continue, it is safe.  It is just your new computer not recognizing an older website platform. 
    To access jdd activities, use the Firefox browser and go to phschool.com.
    In the lower right-hand corner, type in jdd and the activity code.
    If you are having trouble accessing the activities, try this:
    When you get to the activity, and before opening the activity, open a new tab and copy the address.
    Add an "s" to the end of the http. Complete the activity and print a copy to bring to class or screenshot the activity and send to me via email.
    To access the vocabulary pages, go to phschool.com.  In the lower right-hand corner, click Course Content.  On the left, click World Languages.  Under Student Resources, click Textbook Companion Sites. Click the word Realidades under the first flashing picture representing your textbook. Click on Level 2 under the second flashing picture.  Find the chapter you need and click on the repaso pdf page. 

    Here is my policy for online assignments:

    Students use the website and code provided by me, the teacher, to complete assignments.  If the student is not able to complete the assignment for whatever reason, the student must inform me.  I will decide if an extension is applicable.  Technology problems are to be expected, and I am quite flexible with them.  Students may also use a homework pass to extend the due date.  Homework passes are found on the Ayala Renaissance card.  


    Students without computer/printer access are able to use the internet at the library on the Ayala campus.  There is also a public library with internet access just down the street.  For printing, the Ayala library charges $.10 for the first 5 pages and $.25 per copy after that, while the public library currently charges $.10 per printed copy.  Students can also take a picture of the assignment with a cell phone as long as the student's ID is included in the picture.  Online assignments can be emailed to me (by 11:59pm) or brought into class to show me for full credit. Students may also copy the entire assignment by writing it down on paper and filling in the blanks with the correct answers.  Answers should be underlined or highlighted.  


    Students are allowed to miss one question and still receive full credit.  If the computer says an answer is wrong and the student thinks the answer is correct (sometimes the computer is glitch-y), I will give credit as long as I see proof of the error.  


    As with all assignments, if a student is caught cheating or copying, they will receive a 0 on that assignment and parents will be contacted.

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