• cs pathway

    ACES Computer Science Pathway

    ACES is designed for students who are interested in engineering, computer science, programming, physics and mathematics (STEM) and who desire a hands-on course of study. The schedule of courses includes several advanced placement (AP) courses in a required sequence*. All computer science core courses are transferable to partner colleges for credit with a high enough score on the AP or End of Course (EOC) exam. Students in the Computer Science Pathway are also exposed to work-based learning opportunities throughout the sequence. The Academy is rigorous but open for all incoming students who are interested and motivated to apply.
    You can also do computer science and still participate in sports, extracurricular activities, band and leadership - we welcome well-rounded students who have the time management skills to manage multiple responsibilities.
    For more information,see the course sequence below:
    1. Computer Science Essentials
    2. AP Computer Science Principles
    3. AP Computer Science Applications.