• Here is my policy for online assignments during Distance Learning:

    Students use the website and code provided by me, the teacher, to complete assignments.  If the student is not able to complete the assignment for whatever reason, the student must inform me.  I will decide if an extension is applicable.  Technology problems are to be expected, and I am quite flexible with them.  Students may also use a homework pass to extend the due date.  Homework passes are found on the Ayala Renaissance card.  

    Students capture the top of the jdd showing a portion of the assignment and the completed score.  This can be done with

    1) a cell phone as long as the student's ID is included in the picture, paste to a Google Doc, and submit as the completed assignment. 

    2) a snipping tool on the computer to capture the completed score, paste to a Google Doc, and submit as the completed assignment.  

    If the jdd link does not work, or students cannot printout the jdd activity above, students may copy the entire assignment by writing it down on paper and filling in the blanks with the correct answers.  Answers should be underlined or highlighted.  

    Please note the due date and time on Google Classroom for the assignment.

    Students are allowed to miss one question and still receive full credit.  If the computer says an answer is wrong and the student thinks the answer is correct (sometimes the computer is glitch-y), I will give credit as long as I see proof of the error.  

    As with all assignments, if a student is caught cheating or copying, they will receive a 0 on that assignment and parents will be contacted.

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