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      This Week's Events:  Updated on 10.04.18

    ***Starting 10.08.18, Google Classroom will be your source for current and upcoming Assignments and Assessments.***

    Monday - Due: Phet Build an Atom Simulation (P.3), Finish the PT Notes. Computer Lab. 

    Tuesday - Due: Kahoot! PT Review (file in the GC), The New Element.. (in GC) at 11:59 pm. Computer Lab. 

    Wednesday - Due: Rubric for the New Element...

    Thursday - TBD 

    Friday -  Quiz Periodic Table/Periodic trebds.



    This Week's Events:  Updated on 09.27.18

     MondayDue, Lab: Classifying Matter. See Lab Format/CER Writing, click on Lab Format/CER Writing.

     Handout for Unit 2: Matter Test Review on Tuesday (study the guided notes on Matter, scientific methods scenarios that you did, and the process/application of classifying matter in identifying the unknown).

     The periodic table introduction, finally!

     Tuesday - Unit 2: Matter Test (multiple choice and FRQs). Turn in your NBs for grading on Classifying Lab.

    Wednesday - Build an Atom Simulation (Computer Lab).

    Thursday - Due, The history of the atom project. 

    Friday -  Due: Phet Sim. (not P.3) Distinguishing among atoms, Bohr Model Practice


    1. To read Mrs. Williams' Chemistry Notebook Rules, click on Chemistry Notebook Rules.
    2. For Components of Good Procedure Writing, click here.
    3. For Lab Format and CER Writing, click on Lab Format/CER Writing.

    Week's Agenda-Updated on 09.15.18 

    Monday - Re-quiz on Top 47 Elements - Part 1. Finish Unit 2 Matter notes. Pre-lab.

    Tuesday - Re-quiz on Elements - Part 2. Notebooks for stamping. Up to page 21. Lab Day.

    Wednesday - Google Classroom set-up Due!!! Unit 2: Matter Quiz, Post-lab. Notebook stamping-up to page 21.

    Thursday - Quizlet Live, Periodic Table Introduction, The History of the Atom Project (in the Google Classroom).

    Due- Oobleck Activity and write up on NB # 25.

    Friday - Final Quiz: Top 47 Elements to Know Quiz. Periodic Table Introduction. Review for Unit 2 Test on Tuesday.



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