• The summer work is designed to keep your skills honed and prepare you so that AP curriculum can begin the first day of class. Consequently, to get the most out of the assignments, you should work on the assignments throughout the summer, not "in one shot." Below is a brief overview of the scope of this summer's work, and detailed directions and templates can be found in the downloadable files below.


      Please keep in mind that we don't expect you to be experts on day one, but we do expect that serious effort is made to show us your best work. This helps your teacher know where you are as we begin the year, and what we need to teach you, and demonstrates that you have the work ethic necessary to succeed in AP.


       **Please download all files and read instructions carefully before beginning your work. Refer back to the assignment directions frequently throughout the summer to ensure that you are meeting all requirements.**


      If you have questions AFTER reading all directions posted here, please contact any of the 11AP English Language and Composition teachers:

      Mrs. Hernandez: robyn_hernandez@chino.k12.ca.us

      Ms. Kuh: angeline_kuh@chino.k12.ca.us

      Mrs. Plummer: jennifer_plummer@chino.k12.ca.us

      Mr. Wiechert: michael_wiechert@chino.k12.ca.us



       1. Reading and selective close reading of The Great Gatsby (Fitzgerald) (pdf link to an e-book provided in assignment instructions AND below)

      2. National Conversations: tracking 3 major issues in current news throughout the summer


      Due Date:

       All summer work is tentatively due Friday, August 14th, 2020, barring any changes to the calendar as a result of COVID-19.