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  • Parents, if you are looking to help your child with their college search, there is a TV series that can help. It’s called The College Tour. It will help engage them in continuing their path to higher education using The College Tour assets.  Every episode tells the story of a new college through the voices of current students. You can stream it for free on their website: www.thecollegetour.com.

    1) Here is the list of all the colleges featured in The College Tour TV series to share with students and their parents. In this spreadsheet, there is a tab to search by TV SEASON, or you can search by STATE. There are over 110 episodes on colleges across 36 states. We have episodes on big state Universities, small private colleges, Community Colleges, HBCUs, and Christian Colleges, and even Spanish-language episodes.

    The links in the spreadsheet will take your students directly to the College’s tour page. On this tour page they will find a 1 minute overview video on the college, 10 student video segments, a link to the half hour TV episode, and helpful inside scoop videos: Coffee with the PresidentAsk AdmissionsNavigating Financial Aid.

    2) Here's a link to The College Tour website which is a free and robust resource.

    “Learn about the culture of college campuses across the USA through the voices of current students by watching The College Tour TV series (www.thecollegetour.com)".

    3) We are encouraging you to take the TCT self-guided-video-based class:

    Here is a video from our Host, Alex, explaining the Class.
    Estimated time to complete - 45 minutes.
    Here is a link to the Class.
    Please note at the end of the Class, the students can add your email so you can get their answers.

    The Class helps students think about the following four pillars:

    College Location
    Type of College
    Culture of the College