What We Do

  • Student Roles
    Link Crew Leaders: Approximately 100 juniors and seniors who are trained to lead a small group of ninth graders
    Link Crew Commissioners: 4-6 juniors and seniors that prepare and coordinate all Link Crew activities, including Freshman Orientation.
    Link Leaders are:
    1. Availability
    2. Collaborativeness
    3. Commitment
    4. Creativity
    5. Enthusiasm
    6. Friendliness
    7. Problem Solving
    8. Quality of application
    9. Timeliness
    10. Thoughtfulness


    What do Link Crew Leaders Do?

    Link Crew Leaders co-lead a group of approximately 15 ninth graders. Starting from the freshmen orientation, Leaders volunteer to be a resource to the ninth graders in their group, guiding them through their first year. Committing to a year-long program, these leaders are dedicated to reaching out to their ninth graders and attending Link Crew events. A leader can apply to be a Link Crew Commissioner, where they help organize and facilitate the events and develop leadership skills. All Link Crew Leaders are devoted to the success of ninth graders as they transition to the high school environment.

    During the year, Link Leaders help ninth graders get involved with fun Husky events, such as Battle of the Bone, Club Rush, performing arts events and more! We offer academic events throughout the year to encourage and help ninth graders with academic excellence in high school. 

    In early spring, students receive an invitation to apply to be a Link Crew Leader based on teacher recommendations, but students can also self-select to apply. 

    Click to learn more about Link Crew, from the Boomerang Project