• 2023 - 2024 Advisor

    Ashley Mosqueda 

     The purpose of this organization is to invigorate a desire to serve the community, promote leadership, encourage responsible citizenship, create enthusiasm for scholarship, and to develop character. NHS focuses on building skills and relationships that will help members progress through later academic stages and beyond. Community service and involvement in school activities are encouraged as well as becoming and interacting with student leaders, starting to create a portfolio about your achievements, and learning how to be an effective leader. 

    2023-2024 NHS Officers 

    President: Ally Foo 

    Senior Vice President: Clarisse Nikaido

    Co-Junior Vice President: Ryan Chao & Shawn Choi

    Senior Secretary: Ky-An Dinh

    Junior Secretary: Kale Lo

    Treasurer: Shaan Mistry

    Public Relations Coordinator: Paolo Halog

    Event Manager: Laurie Park

    UCC Rep: Jonathan Pappas


    Membership Requirements 

    Membership in the National Honors Society (NHS) at Ruben S. Ayala High School is a privilege that is afforded to students who exemplify the Pillars of the National Honors Society: Character, Scholarship, Leadership and Service.  

    To be eligible for membership, candidates must: 

    • Be a member of Junior or Senior class

    • Have a cumulative weighted GPA of 3.75 or higher 

    • Be on the A-G track by the start of their 11th grade 

    • Be enrolled in at least One Honors or AP level course each year from 9th - 12th grade 

    • No D or F grade in any course


    Service Requirements: 

    • Candidate must complete 40 hours of community service within the year. No more than 15 of those hours can be earned from another club or organization. 


    • Candidate will participate in one (1) group service project per year. These projects shall have the following characteristics: 

      • Fulfill a need within the school or community 

      • Have the support of the administration and faculty 

      • Be appropriate and educationally defensible 

      • Be well planned, organized, and executed 

      • Be completed by the end of each membership year


    NHS Application Form