AP JAPANESE SUMMER WORK: Please go to the Links Section and Click on Dropbox links (I will activate them after June 14th)
    Summer work - 2015
    Overview for the Summer and Fall
    1. Review and familiarize: Basic Japanese Grammar Powerpoint, Basic Japanese Grammar Book Chapter 1-3 Powerpoint
    2. Familiarize: AP Final Sentence Structure Worksheet 
    3.  Familiarize: JLPT N5 and N4 Sentences, Audio and conversation.
    4. National Japanese Exam PowerPoint 
    5. Listening comprehension: Various situations - School Announcement, weather forecast, etc. 
    1. Watch NHK World, Begin Japanology or equivalent regarding Japanese language, culture or etiquette on a weekly basis and submit your reflections and analysis to: misawasensei@gmail.com  
    GUIDELINES: 8 reflections 
    1. 2 pages minimum. Double-spaced.  Word Document
    2. Demonstrate your understanding of the workshop content
    3.  Reflect on its significance
    4.  Discuss it's influence on society today or the steps Japanese society has taken to preserve this segment.
    2.  Listen to selected audio files posted. (5 files)
    Situational conversation, announcements, etc.  
    GUIDELINES: 5 Audio Files
    1. Listen to each file.  You must be able to answer the following:
    A. What is this audio file trying to tell you?
    B. What are the key points (important information) that is relayed in this audio file?
    C. What is the setting?  Where does it take place?