• Welcome to Misawa Sensei's Distance Learning/Blended Learning Classroom!

    Students will be utlizing two platforms: Google Classroom and Edmodo.

    Appropriate and respectful use of all technology is mandatory.






    JAPANESE 1/2



    Daily/Weekly Agenda on Edmodo.com

    A daily / weekly agenda will be posted for the students to clearly communicate the directives for the day or week. Detailed instructions, pdf attachments, video clips and other necessary resources will be included at all times.  Each student is responsible for the content communicated by me to Edmodo/Google Classrooms. As stated before, parents will be given a "Parent Class Code" for Edmodo to monitor assignments and posts on a periodic basis or when deemed necessary. Parents will have access to their child's class and assignments from the beginning of each school year. Parents will also have a direct mode of communication through Edmodo, Google Classroom or by email to me at all times.


    Main Textbook and Workbook

    Note: Adventures in Japanese is a high school series. Genki 1 and 2 are College textbooks used for the upper levels.

    • Japanese 1 - Adventures in Japanese 1 and Genki 1 (First few chapters during the last part of 2nd Semester)
    • Japanese 2 - Genki 1 (College textbook)
    • Japanese 3 Honors - Genki 2 (1st half of the book.)
    • AP Japanese - Genki 2 (1st half for review, 2nd half of the book for the remaining)


    DL Syllabus Page



    Please use the link provided CLICK FOR EDMODO.


    Edmodo is free and education only platform for students and parents. There is also an app that should be downloaded to turn in assignments via mobile device. All assignments, resources and agenda items will be posted on Edmodo.

    Along with student access, there is a Parent Code that will be issued once each child is registered in the class. Class codes for Edmodo will be sent out via Aeries.


    Google Classroom

    The Edmodo code will be distributed through your Google Classroom site.

    Signing in: Students will use their district assigned email and password.


    Google Classroom will be used for Google Meets, attendance security sensitive information. This is a secondary platform.  The primary will be Edmodo. Google Classroom will also have a student roster automatically entered by the District/School Site. The Class Code for Japanese 1 will be sent out via Aeries. Upper level student are already aware of the new updates and codes.


    Parents will be responsible for monitoring their child's work/assignments/agenda on a periodic basis using the Parent Portal for Edmodo. Currently, Google Classroom does not have a Parent portal, so you will have to use your child's username and password


    Virtual Office Hours

    Distance Learning Office Hours


    Feedback time frame

    Students will receive feedback in a timely manner, dependent on the work that was assigned or the quiz/test that was given for the week/chapter/unit. This can range from immediate feedback, a day or at most a week.






Course Syllabus and Important Resources

  • Advanced Placement Japanese (CSU/UC Approved course)

    It is strongly recommended that each student attempt taking the AP exam towards the end of the school year. By passing the AP exam with a 3 or better, students will have the potential to earn college credit and eliminating the Foreign Language requirement at the College/University level. 

    By passing the AP exam, students will also be eligible to receive the Seal of Biliteracy from the State of California as well.

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  • Japanese 3 Honors (CSU/UC Approved Course)

    This is a Cal State University System/University of California approved course. This is considered an Honors course and will have a different weight on your high school requirements and reflect positively on your transcript.

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  • Japanese 1 and 2 Course Syllabus

    In Japanese 1 and 2, students will be utilzing two textbooks:

    Adventures in Japanese 1 and Genki 1.  The reason for this is that we will be adopting Genki 1 in the near future.  Adventures in Japanese is a high school textbook, where Genki 1 is a textbook utilized by the majority of Community Colleges and Universities for 1st /2nd year students.

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