Course: SAI Englihs 9

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    Welcome to Distance Learning SAI English 9! This is a year long English course will examine various aspects of English Literature. In doing so, students will engage in a number of individual lessons and group projects focusing on critical thinking and reading as well as analytical speaking and writing. The overall goal of the course is to prepare students for both college and career readiness.

    Virtual Office Hours:

    If English academic assistance is needed, Mrs. Montoyais available online for virtual office hours on  Monday1:55- 2:20, Wednesday & Friday 1:35-2:20.Be proactive with your education and yourself by asking for help if you need it. This is especially critical to communicate and self-advocate when it comes to distance learning.

    Objective: Each student will be prepared to pursue academic success at the community college, vocational school, or university level upon graduation. In addition, all student work with be based on California Common Core State Standards designed for 9th grade English. 

     * Expectations are that all students demonstrate the following:
    - Respect for all classmates and adults
    - Responsibility for work and conduct
    - Readiness being prepared daily by checking your teachers’ websites
    - Participation in the daily activities, discussions, and lessons posted in Google Classroom


    Grades will be assigned based on a percentage scale as follows:

    90-100% A 80-89% B 70-79% C 60-69% D 0-59% F

    Grades will be weighted as follows:

    Student work & participation (includes homework & notebook) 40%

    Assessments (tests/essays/major projects/presentations) 60%

    Missing work will be accepted if completed by the student for full credit.


    Students will submit their work through Google Classroom.

    Assignments will have due dates and will be due by 11:59 p.m. on that date.

    Assessments will be announced on Google Classroom.

    Grades will still be available through Aeries.


    The notebook is a tool for prewriting, practice, review, and reflection. It must be maintained on a daily basis. Each entry must be labeled with a title and the date. These items must be kept in chronological (date) order. Grades represent a student’s degree of mastery of curriculum standards, timely completion of assignments, and effort.


    Students are expected to be prepared to discuss assigned readings and contribute in a positive way. I expect you to discuss with partners and collaborate with groups frequently. Discussion allows us to learn and internalize ideas in a different way. Through collaboration, we hope to create positive synergy and achieve more together than we could individually.



    In order to be successful in this class, the student must:

    1. Bring necessary books and materials to class daily. Be prepared.

    2. Be in your assigned seat before the bell rings. Be on time.

    3. At the bell, begin the journal or “Warm-Up” activity. Be productive.

    4. Turn off or silence and store cell phones/electronics during class. Be focused.

    5. Raise your hand and wait to be called on to speak. Be respectful.

    6. Do your best. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Respect yourself.

    Return Instructions:

    Please have a parent or guardian fill in the information requested below. This syllabus is due back no later than Friday, August , 2019. Parents/guardians may feel free to contact the teacher – via school email if they have any questions.

    The best way to contact me is by email ( maria_montoya@chino.k12.ca.us, ) I will usually see it that day.


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