Course: Health Science        

      Mrs. Montoya, rm 264         

      Phone: (909) 606-7540 ext.5264

    Email: maria_montoya@chino.k12.ca.us 

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    Virtual Office Hours:

    If Health academic assistance is needed, Mrs. Montoya is available online for virtual office hours on Health: Monday 8:20- 8:55,Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 -8:15. Be proactive with your education and yourself by asking for help if you need it. This is especially critical to communicate and self-advocate when it comes to distance learning.

    Course Description: This course will cover basic anatomy and physiology, nutrition and conditioning, family life education, common diseases, (including sexually transmitted diseases). District adopted curriculum: Positive Prevention and TND (Toward No Drug Abuse) programs will also be implemented. Discussions, audio-visual materials, and guest speakers are included in these presentations. 


    Required TextbookGlencoe Health; McGraw-Hill 

     Classroom Expectations and Conduct for Success:  

    1. Be Prepared. Each student is responsible for bringing their textbook and other study materials to class every day; a notebook is highly suggested for notetaking; power points used during instructional time will include information pertinent to tests and quizzes.  
    2. Class Participation: You should not talk when the teacher or another student has the podium.   

        Positive contributions to our class are greatly accepted and appreciated 

    1. Be Courteous to one another and all guests who enter the room. 
    2. RESPECT all school property, including teachers’ and classmates’ personal property.
    3. Cheating is never acceptable, a zero grade will be issued as well as a phone call home to your  

    Parent/guardian if you are caught cheating: this is on assignments and tests/quizzes- plagiarism included. 

    1. Gum, Food, or Drinks are not permitted inside the classroom, however; water is 
    2. Tests, Quizzes and Daily Work:
    3. If you are absent it is your responsibility to ask for missing assignments.
    4. You must ALWAYS print your name,the current date and period number on the top right-hand side of your paper (no name papers will not be scored). 
    5. Late assignments will be accepted up to 1 week late and 50% credit will be deducted unless you show proof of an excused absence or have spoken to me directly prior to the due date. All work is due the next day unless otherwise stated. 


    Focus/Standards: Health Education Content Standards of California 


    Weighted Categories/Percentages:  

    40ClassworkHomework (based on accuracy and completion) 

    60% Quizzes/Test, Class projects 

    Grading: A=100-90%B= 89-80%C= 79-70%D=69-60%F= 59% and below 

    Students will submit their work through Google Classroom.

    Assignments will have due dates and will be due by 11:59 p.m.

    Assessments will be announced on Google Classroom.

    Grades will still be available through Aeries.

     Attendance/Tardy Policy: CHHS Policy Will Be Followed 


    I have read the requirements and policies for this class; I understand and agree to follow procedures in class. 



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