Cabase Fam

Classroom Expectations and Norms of Conduct

  • Classroom Expectations and Norms of Conduct General Guidelines



    • Students follow all school, district, state, and federal laws / rules. 

    • Students will show respect to all fellow students. This is a safe classroom where you can and will disagree with others as to the proper way to solve a problem, but you will respect each other in this college-level AP Program. If you cannot treat others with respect, you will be asked to leave the elective.

     • Students will respect themselves.

    •  All students will do the best they can within the constraints given. The goal of this program is NOT to work longer or harder. Our goal is to be BOSSES: That means using all your tools, to make a better work product than everyone else using less time, expense, and effort. We will help you work quicker and fully to get projects done and problems answered.