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AP Computer Science Academy - AP CSA

  • AP Computer Science A

    Students will get hands on with VEX Robots at an even deeper level than Principles in a class with the 5-point AP grading and Opportunity to take the take the AP Computer Science Principles exam for college credit. Students will also get to learn and use the newest GPS, Sensor sharing, Swarming technology, and AI that is new to VEX robotics. Students cultivate their understanding of coding through analyzing, writing, and testing code as they explore concepts like modularity, variables, and control structures. 


    Computer Science Academy

    5 point grading system

    Collaborative projects and problems.

    Communication – Verbal and written

    Using Code: JAVA and C++.

    Introduction to interconnected AI.


    Due to the fact that CoVid is still an issue, all assignments will be turned in through the google classroom. 

    Assignment Requirements: All assignments must be turned in to your Google Classroom. All assignments will be graded on completeness, neatness, clarity, and accuracy.  Class notebooks are used daily in class and will be turned in periodically for grading (they will be virtual and turned in through the Google Classroom).  Notebooks will include agenda, P.O.D. / Q.O.D. (writing exercise), notes, and assignments.

     All assignments are to be completed before the student can continue to participate in the class (with the exception of excused absences, then the student will given additional time in equality to the time missd or as mandated by an IEP or 504). Late assignments will receive as little of 0 points (checked off as completed) or a reduced value of 10% of the original value. Mr. Cabase reserves the right to allow expections for enitant circumstances outside of the students control. 

    The Computer Technology Google Classroom can be accessed through your child’s Google classroom page (they are already in the virtual roster) or through the link in their Aries grade book.

     Click the link below to review the AP Computer Science Course Description: 

    AP CSA Course Description

    Grading Policy: Grading will be based on labs and lab reports, tests, quizzes, class work, homework and projects.  Academic grades will be determined by using the following percentage scale.  Each assignment will be graded as follows:

    A+  =  100%          B+  =  87-89% C+ = 77-79%  D+ = 67-69%

    A  =  93-99%              B  =  83-86%   C = 73-76%     D = 63-66%    F = 59% and below

    A-  =  90-92%             B-  =  80-82% C- = 70-72%   D- = 60-62%


    Assignments will be weighted as follows:


    Tests/ Quizzes (assessment)  = 35% of total grade

    Notebooks/Projects(assessment)= 35% of total grade

    Homework (assignment)= 15% of total grade

    In Class Work (assessment)= 15% of total grade.



    Academic Honesty and Lab Safety

    Any form of ACADEMIC DISHONESTY on a test, quiz, or assigned work will result in a score of 0 or a negative score for this work in addition to other administrative punishments.  ACADEMIC DISHONESTY can include failing to follow directions (i.e. talking during a test). This cannot be made up.


    Lab safety is crucial to any science class.  Any violation of the lab safety procedures will result in removal from the lab and loss of lab points.