Daily expectations

  • Bcome a BOSS.  

    1) Stand & Deliver with a Bull Dog Bark. Start with energy and end with power. 

    2) Directed instructions. Teacher or student lead. Power points, video clips, quick references, and learning games (kahoots, trash ball, etc...).

    3) Projects or Problems to solve using problem solving, team work, multiple resource data, coding, robots, and other tech.

    4) Documentation of the problem solving process, challenges, success, and products.

    5) Presentation of work product with the underlying stress on convincing people to either: purchase your product, fund your research, or join your team. Presentations can include presenting to the class, groups of teachers, making videos, making commercials, practicals with the robots or tech features, posters, web sites, or etc...

    6) Tests. Most tests are in your co-hort or random groups. Tests are  a learning process and not the end point. 


    The over all goals are (in order of importance):

    1) To prepare all our students to be BOSSES.

    2) To prepare all our students for university settings.

    3) To prepare all our students for the AP Tests at the end of the year.