• Computer Dog

    Hills Report/Husky Highlights
        (Digital Video 1 & 2)

    As a student creating important media displayed to the entire school and general public on YouTube, a high caliber of character is expected. You must be willing to continually learn more and grow more on top of what you’ll learn from the very beginning! Our mission is to always put out  high-quality video news segments on weekly basis that  is informational, cultural, and beneficial to the school and its students and staff members.


    Students will gain a basic familiarity and understanding of how to write , film and produce a weekly show. 


    My expectations of you as an individual and role model are very high.  I am really looking forward to working, growing, and learning together this year.  In order to achieve our goals, I have a few basic classroom rules you must follow: 

    1. Always show respect to yourself, your classmates, me, and the rest of the CHHS community.
    2. Handle all technology (computers, cameras, etc.) with maturity and responsibility.
    3. Work hard so that we can all get the most out of this course together.
    4. Participate frequently and ask questions!
    5. Get permission from me before using your cell phone or other electronic devices, leaving the classroom, etc.
    6. Do not use vulgar or offensive language, or inappropriate content. Be inclusive, friendly, and respectful!



    Very simple – if you finish your segments and share to me by the assigned deadline, which includes participating with your team throughout the creation process, and the quality and maturity are at my expectations, this class will not be too difficult and you’ll be on your way to a good grade! If you do not participate in the creation of segments, your quality and maturity are below expectations, or if you do not finish your assigned segments for that week, your grade will drop!

    Additionally, if film crew and editors fail to not only finish episodes in time but also fail to act and lead with maturity and integrity, your grade will drop!


    Even more simple – don’t do it!  I shouldn’t have to explain to 14-18 year-olds what cheating is and entails, and I have zero tolerance for it.  Any assignment you do that is not entirely your own work (copied from a friend, used the Internet, other people’s video clips without asking me first, etc.) will receive a zero

    Extra Help:

    If you are struggling with the course, or having trouble meeting our objectives, please see me as soon as possible!  I am here to help you learn and grow.  Please feel free to come see during office hours.  This way, I can devote my full attention to any problems and make our time together more productive.


    3Bs PBIS