College Admissions Application Info

  • Private Colleges & Universities

    There are hundreds of private colleges and universities from which to choose. There are over 60 independent undergraduate colleges and universities in California alone. Private colleges and universities are quite diverse in nature, including research universities, small liberal arts colleges, faith-based colleges and universities, and specialized colleges.

    The cost is higher than public colleges and universities. However, these institutions have a variety of financial aid programs that often make the cost comparable to a public institution. The ability to graduate in 4 years at a private institutions may be greater than at a public institution due to more courses being available.

    Some independent institutions, such as USC, Stanford, and California Institute of Technology, are highly selective. other universities are less selective in nature. Visit their websites for specific admission information. Transfer to a private college is possible after your freshman year at a community college or other institution.

    Many schools take applications through the Common App.

    See the following on instructions on how to get started on the Common App:

  • Historically Black Colleges & Universities

    The Common Black College Application allows students to apply to any number of 50 HBCUs at the same time for only $35. Also, did you know that California community college students are guaranteed admission to several Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) throughout the United States? Click here to find out more information.