Counselors and Staff

First Name Last Name Assignment Extension Email Address Google Class. Codes
Karen Espinoza A - BRI and Special Education x5409 zsuh5hp
Jennifer Hansen BRO - D and Health Science Academy Co-Department Chair x5408 vgg5goj
Kathie Spaun E - I and AVID x5428 rkwqm3r
Lisa Behounek J - ON and BAHT x5431 y5eqjus
Shelley Bateman OR - SAN and NCAA-Athletes Co-Department Chair x5410 jtjqybw
Stephanie Arrington SAO -Z and ELD x5429 o2ztzcg
Janyt Camper PLUSS/Intervention x5427
Amy Dellosa Intervention, MTSS-B x5477
Micaela Soriano Counseling Technician x5426
Tiffany Chow Counseling Clerk x5433