• Credit Recovery Criteria & Policies:

    • Priority is given to students in grade 12.
    • Students who need to make up a “F” grade in one of the courses offered to  meet graduation requirements.
    • Students who need to make up a “F” or improve a “D” grade in one of the  courses offered in order to meet the 2.0 GPA requirement to receive a high  school diploma.
    • Students who need to make up a “F” or improve a “D” grade in one of the  courses offered in order to meet college entrance requirements.
    • Students may recover a maximum of ten (10) credits per semester via credit recovery courses.
    • Students are expected to follow the District Behavior Code and Technology Agreement during credit recovery or they may be dropped from the program.
    • Students with IEP’s may participate in credit recovery. The IEP team determines the needed supports for the student to successfully access and progress in the general education curriculum provided through the credit recovery program.
    • Under no circumstances can students be dually enrolled in courses listed in their regular school schedule and credit recovery. 

    **Please reach out to your counselor to get enrolled.  

    Session 1- 9/21/2020-10/23/2020

    Session 2- 11/2/2020-12/4/2020

    Session 3- 2/16/2021-3/12/2021

    Session 4- 3/22/2021-4/30/2021