MARCH 26, 2020



     Dear CVUSD Parents and Guardians,

     I want to give you an update on our school district’s ongoing efforts for our students during school closures. CVUSD schools will be closed to students until May 1, 2020. As such, the CVUSD Board of Education meeting set for April 2, 2020 is cancelled due to COVID-19. Distance learning for students will begin next week, Monday, March 30, 2020, and can be accessed through student Aeries accounts or via links on our school district website at www.chino.k12.ca.us. Please also check your child’s teacher’s webpage located on your school’s website.

     As you are aware, my staff has been working hard to ensure that students who do not have the technology devices to support distance learning receive loaner devices. I want to reiterate the process for receiving and picking up technology devices in order to avoid any confusion. It is crucial that parents adhere to pick up instructions provided by their principals in order for us to comply with state-mandated requirements to social distance and not gather during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    If you have already filled out a form requesting technology devices:

    • You will be receiving pick up instructions from your school via Aeries Communication email or phone call.
    • Please do not show up to your child’s school to pick up technology unless you have been instructed to and only during the specific time you have been instructed by your principal. Pick up procedures may differ for each school site, so it is important that you follow instructions provided by your school.

    If you have not yet filled out a form requesting technology device but need one:

    • Please email your school principal directly to make arrangements for technology device(s). Your principal will let you know what your next steps are for technology loaner devices and pick up.
    • If you have a device at home with a browser and internet access, please do not request a loaner device. Please bear in mind that we have a limited supply of technology and want to ensure that our students who do not have technology are able to receive them.

     Thank you for your patience and partnership. We will continue to work together to provide the best continuation of educational and personal resources for our students and families.


    Norm Enfield, Ed.D.