APRIL 20, 2020


    Dear CVUSD family:

    Last week I distributed an update to the community that included information about the Class of 2020 virtual graduation ceremonies. Since then, I have received inquiries about the possibility of rescheduling graduation ceremonies to later this summer instead. I want to clarify a couple of things:

    1)    The virtual graduation ceremonies taking place in May do not automatically mean that there will not be in-person, rescheduled graduation ceremonies at a later date. The virtual graduation ceremonies are meant to recognize our graduates on their actual graduation dates, and cheer them on to the next chapter of their lives. We would be remiss as a District to let our seniors’ graduation dates pass without any fanfare to speak of; and, given the pandemic situation we are in and faced with circumstances beyond our control, virtual graduation ceremonies at the end of May are the most realistic and feasible option at this point. As I stated, the virtual graduation videos will be available for viewing by the community on the regularly scheduled graduation dates of May 26, 27 or 28, 2020.

    2)    The possibility of any rescheduled, in-person graduation ceremonies is predicated on the County of San Bernardino and State of California lifting the ban on large social gatherings and allowing crowds to congregate. On April 17, 2020, the County of San Bernardino issued an order for the control of COVID-19. Violation of or failure to comply with the Order is a crime punishable by fine, imprisonment, or both. Section 3 states:

    Public or Private Gatherings. Public or private Gatherings, as defined, are hereby prohibited in the County. A “Gathering” is defined as any event or convening that brings or is likely to bring together two or more people from more than one household or living unit in a single room or space at the same time, such as an auditorium, stadium, arena, room, hall, or any other indoor or outdoor space used for non-Essential purposes. This includes Gatherings at private residences of people who do not live at that residence.” (Read the entire order here: http://www.sbcounty.gov/Uploads/CAO/Feature/Content/Omnibus_Health_Officer_Order_4-17-20.pdf

    ORDER OF THE HEALTH OFFICER OF THE COUNTY OF SAN BERNARDINO FOR THE CONTROL OF COVID-19. DATE OF THE ORDER: April 17, 2020 Page 2 of 6 implement required measures for social distancing and infection control in each of their facilities .

    While the cities of Chino and Chino Hills do not have “Public or Private Gatherings” orders in place, the District will continue to monitor and follow San Bernardino County and State of California public health orders and guidance in determining whether the rescheduling of in-person graduation ceremonies is feasible and realistic. If the State of California and San Bernardino County lift the ban on public or private gatherings for June or July 2020, the District is committed to holding rescheduled in-person graduation ceremonies for the class of 2020.

    It is normal and understandable for emotions to be heightened during these uncertain times, but I want to remind everyone that we are all on the same side. Students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators—the entire CVUSD family—we all want to give our seniors and their families the celebrations they deserve. I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the myriad of consequences brought on by this pandemic. I wish you and your loved ones continued health and wellbeing.


    Norm Enfield, Ed.D.